Niagara District Championships Rules

Divers must attend at least 2 invitational meets during the preceding season August 31- May 1 to be eligible to participate in the Niagara District Championships. Divers who wish to Participate but have NOT attended 2 meets must pay a fee of $150 to enter the meet. Event fees not included in the $150 fine. 

(Novice divers may attend without prior meets)


Eligible Divers will be listed by Eddie Quarentillo

Entry fees set at $25 per event - Individual and Synchro

The Niagara District championships rotates to a Registered Niagara District Club with more than 10 registered divers each year.  New clubs with 10 or more registered divers will be added to the end of the meet rotation cycle.

The Host  Club must host during the 2nd or 3rd weekend in May.
The Host Club must host the championships in a facility that has at least two 1 Meter boards and one 3 meter board
The Host club must Provide an official AAU championship banner for the winning club

Both Novice and FINA Events score points towards team championship award

Niagara District Championship Rotation

2013 Blue Wave
2014 Upstate
2015 Riptide (passed) Wings 
2016 Blizzards
2017 Blue Wave
2018 Upstate
2019 Riptide
2020 Wings


Invitational Rules

Entry fees set at $15 per event - Individual and Synchro
Novice Rules
Failed Dives get 1's
Arms may enter at any position for skills
Arms must be in correct position for dives and somersaults
Complete skills (i.e. full approach and and full back press) are valued higher than abreviated skills (standing skills)




Age Groups and Division Rules

Diving Sheet

Synchro Sheet

DD Sheet